In this project, you’ll build a wireframe mobile application using Bootstrap, your HTML and CSS skills and your graphic design knowledge from previous semesters.


webappA wireframe is a prototype for a software application. It looks, and even feels, a lot like what the finished app would look and feel like, but it just might not actually work. Wireframes are much faster to build than actual mobile apps, and provide developers with the ability to gain important feedback early on before pouring resources into building the “real” thing.
In a team of 2-3 develop a concept for a mobile app and build a wireframe version of it. Use the code below to help you get started.


	Web App



if(("standalone" in window.navigator) && window.navigator.standalone){
var noddy, remotes = false;
document.addEventListener('click', function(event) {
noddy = event.target;
while(noddy.nodeName !== "A" && noddy.nodeName !== "HTML") {
noddy = noddy.parentNode;
if('href' in noddy && noddy.href.indexOf('http') !== -1 && (noddy.href.indexOf(document.location.host) !== -1 || remotes))
document.location.href = noddy.href;