Unit 6: Technology Operations and Concepts

One of the key skills in becoming a technologist involves transferring your current knowledge to learning of new technologies.

Final Project

For your final project of the semester, you will conduct a research project in an area of technology that interests you. You will use the searching, organizing, and presenting skills that you have acquired throughout the term to demonstrate your learning.

Project Requirements

This project will be worth 20 points. You will have three days in class to complete it. On the last regularly scheduled day of the term (January 16th), we will begin presentations. Remaining presenters will present during the final.

Developing a Good Research Question

While the video below pertains to writing a college level paper, it will offer you great insight into developing focus for this project.

Developing a Research Question

The worksheet below has been shared with you via Google Classroom. Complete it to help you develop a strong research question.