Unit 2: Communication and Collaboration

How has technology impacted the way we communicate and collaborate?

Innovation Sparks Innovation

Founder of internet retail giant Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos draws an interesting analogy between the information age and the dawn of the electric industry.

Essential Questions

  • What is “the cloud” and how has it impacted computing?
  • How have blogging, podcasting, and video streaming changed the media landscape?
  • What impact has enhanced communication and collaboration had on “crowdsourcing?”
  • What is “virality” and what impact does it have on society?
  • What are the most common cloud computing services and what are their most appropriate use cases?
  • What is SaaS (Software as a Service) and how does it differ from traditional software?
  • How does collaborative Word Processing affect workflow?
  • When does a slide deck help/hinder a presentation?

Unit 2: Table of Contents

Study Guide


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