October 22 Lesson Plan

Sorry I can’t be in class today. I have a meeting during all of Block 3.

Watch This First

What To Do

The first thing you’ll do is get into the small groups that I’ve selected below:

Done Not Done
Suld amd Bilguun Oka
Ralf Bogdan
Anna Florian
Enrique Raol
Ashir Ailar and JC

In your groups complete the following:

  • help each other submit your MLA Essays to Google Classroom.
  • Then print your essays to Printer SBUSP141_2
  • Read your essay to your partner
  • Write a comment at the bottom of this post explaining what you liked about your partner’s essay.


If you finish the steps above before you go to lunch I’d like you to update your Blogger blog by following the directions in the video below.

Video 3C

Please watch the video below (on the big screen) when you return from lunch.

14 thoughts on “October 22 Lesson Plan”

  1. My partners essay was good. I liked especially the way he indented the essay. The title is perfect. The name for the last page is correct ” Works Cited “. Also the page numbers aren’t same.

  2. I’m with Oka and Suldbayar. Suldbayar’s essay doesn’t contain a lot of text otherwise is perfect he has indent, 3 paragraph. His font size is good , and he has works cited.
    Oka’s essay doesn’t have 2 paragraph, and she hasn’t work cited. she said because she wrote about herself.

  3. Thank you for your comments class! Please make sure you “Turn In” your essays to Google Classroom. I’m still waiting for Bogdan’s and Oka’s.

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