Lesson 6: Cardboard

In this lesson, we’re going to examine a cutting edge piece of technology and share our findings via Twitter and Blogger.

Google Cardboard?

Conduct a Google Search and form some background knowledge about Google Cardboard. In short, what is it?

Group Responsibilities

In two groups assign the following jobs to your group members:

  • Photographer
  • Researcher (1-3)
  • Technician (1-3)
  • Social Media Manager


With your group members, explore the features of Google Cardboard. The photographer should document your group’s experience with photos. The researchers should find out what Google Cardboard can do. The technician is responsible for downloading apps and “getting everything to work.” The social media manager should tweet out what you’re doing (share the photographer’s pictures via Twitter and use the hashtag TE161 as well as any other relevant hashtags).


Write a review of your experience with Google Cardboard on your blogger portfolio. Answer each of the questions below, and include an image that your group posted to Twitter. Tweet your permalink when you’re done. Include the hashtag #TE161.

  • What is Google Cardboard?
  • What applications are available for Google Cardboard?
  • What was your favorite application?
  • Where can someone purchase Google Cardboard?

Don’t forget to Tweet your permalink!