Lesson 4A: Google Docs

In the following lessons, we’re going to use Google Docs to create some heavily formatted documents.

Google Docs Formative Assessment

Let’s see how well you know Google Docs. Take this brief pre-test to see how much you know: http://goo.gl/e1X6rJ


We often take things like layout and typography for granted, but the fonts we use and the positioning of elements on a page or a screen have all been influenced by designers. Watch this clip to learn about one of the most pervasive typefaces the world has ever seen.

Google Docs

Some people complain that Google Docs doesn’t offer enough control over the layout of a document. While it’s true that the features pale in comparison to Microsoft Word, there are a few tricks that can take your layout skills to the next level.

Visit the following link: typography.pdf or look at the document image below. Then watch the video that follows to learn how to recreate the document that was originally produced in Google Docs before being converted into a PDF and JPG.

Once you have recreated every last detail of the document below, create a new blog post and write a brief paragraph about what you learned completing this assignment. Then, embed the document into your post (following the directions in the second video below) and Tweet out the permalink. Finally, submit the assignment via Google Classroom.


How To

In addition to the tricks in the video. Read the tips below before attempting to recreate the document:

  • Go to File > Page Setup…, then adjust all of the margins to .5
  • Right click in the “hidden tables” and select Table Properties… to set the Column widths before inserting horizontal lines


In this part of the lesson, we’re going to embed a Google Doc into our Professional Blog, and then tweet it out. This is a very useful way of sharing different media types on your blog instead of linking to an external page from your blog.
Watch the tutorial below for directions.

School Event Flier – Part 1

In this part of the lesson, we’re going to use Google Docs to create a typographic flier for an upcoming school event. Check out the links below to learn about some excellent Google Font Pairings. Only use 2 fonts (you can change the size and style of the fonts though). Publish a second post with a brief description and the embedded document as in the steps above, then Tweet out the permalink.

School Event Flier – Part 2

Create a second version of your flier – this time in Google Slides. Go to File > Page Setup change Widescreen 16:9 to  Custom 8.5 X 11. Instead of using only two fonts, use as bunch. Make sure the flier contains the same information though.
Print your favorite of the two fliers that you have created.