Lesson 3: Blogger

A blog is a fast and easy way to create a web site, share your thoughts, and connect with like minded people.

Professional Accounts

Click here:


 and explain what the difference is between a personal and professional account.

Evan Williams

Before co-founding Twitter, Evan Williams founded another company called blogger that Google would eventually purchase. Watch the video below, starting at minute 17:00 to learn about the origins of Blogger and blogging.

Professional Portfolio Blogs

Head on over to blogger.com and create your own blog. Use your #glenbrook225.org account to login. Complete the following:

  • Create a new blog: Name – Portfolio
    • Use a similar URL
  • Choose the all white “Simple” template
  • Create two new pages: About and Contact
  • From the admin side, click Layout
    • Add the Pages widget about the blog post area
      • Select Home, About, and Contact
    • Add the Text widget to the “full width sidebar”
      • Title it “Welcome”
      • Add the following: “Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find samples of the work I have created in Technology Essentials 161.”
    • Hide the Navbar
  • Click Template > Customize
    • Adjust Width to 1080 px
    • Change Page Text to 14 px
    • Adjust your Link Colors
      • Link Color and Visited Color should be the same, Hover Color should be slightly different
    • Blog Title
      • Choose a font – don’t go too crazy here 🙂
    • Gadgets
      • Change font size to 16 px
      • Match to Blog Title font

  • Write a Brief About You in the About page
  • Write a Contact Page
    • Include here a means by which someone could contact you via email (school email please)
  • Compose your first post
    • Select one of the topics that we have learned about and introduce it to an audience that may know nothing about it.
    • Explain how it relates to some of the other software applications that we have learned.
    • Answer the question: How will your topic impact your future.
    • Write 3 paragraphs
    • Spelling and grammar counts
    • Tweet your post with the hashtag #TE161, use goo.gl to shorten your link