Lesson 2: Twitter

Few technologies have changed the way we communicate quite like twitter. In this lesson we’re going to establish guidelines for acceptable use, set up our own “professional” accounts, and start following difference makers.

Interview With Jack Dorsey

Foundation is an interview series produced by Kevin Rose that features long format talks with founders of influential technology companies. In the video selection below (3 minutes 53 seconds – 11 minutes), we’ll learn about Twitters origins.

Introduction to Twitter

If you’ve never used Twitter, you’ve likely at least heard people using Twitter lingo like: “follow, unfollow, hashtag, and @username.” The following article, originally published on Mashable.com, contains a great introduction to this revolutionary communication platform.

Read the article, think about your own experience with social media, and be prepared to create an acceptable use policy “for in school Twitter use.”

In School Twitter Use – Acceptable Use Policy

In this part of the lesson, we’re going to create an acceptable use policy for using Twitter. We’re gong to start with a blank slate, but by the end of this portion of the lesson, we’ll have a flushed out policy in the space below.

Getting Started on Twitter

With your @glenbrook225.org email address, create a “professional” Twitter account. A professional Twitter account is one that you use in a publicly facing manner. You should feel comfortable enough to talk about every Tweet, ReTweet, Like, and Follow that is associated with this account with a prospective employer during an interview.
Complete each of the following steps. Especially the last one:

  • Create a new account with your @glenbrook225.org email address
  • Create a username (or Twitter Handle) do not use your last name
  • Un-link your phone number in the settings
  • Add a profile picture – use this 8 bit avatar creator to avoid using your real image.
  • Add a background image
  • Update your bio
  • Link to your professional blog
  • Compose your first “professional” Tweet: “Hello from Tech Essentials #TE161”


Once you complete your first blog post, use the URL shortener below to tweet out your post.

Tweet Your Link

Use the following link to make it easier to Tweet out long URLs: