Lesson 2: Podcasting

Whatever your interest or hobby may be, chances are good that a podcast exists specific to it.

What’s a Podcast?

A podcast is like a talk radio show except that instead of being delivered over radio waves, it’s delivered via the internet. Most people listen to podcasts on their smart phones in the car, while working out, or while doing chores.
Anyone with a microphone and a computer can create a podcast which means the content is far reaching and the quality runs the spectrum from professional to almost un-listenable.

A Kardashian Tale

A little while back, you may have seen or heard in the news that Kim Kardashian posted a picture online to a website that drew millions on viewers. This is the story of the man responsible for making sure the site didn’t crash under such a heavy load of visitors.

Mic Note

Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the application Mic Note. Create a new recording that features you interviewing a classmate. Include the following:

  • Introduce yourself and your guest
  • Ask your guest about their first experience with computers
  • Ask your guest what they like to do most on a computer now
  • Ask your guest what they predict the future of computing will look like
  • Thank them for being on your show


Create a new account at Podbean.com and use Last Pass to save your new username and password. Upload your exported recording to PodBean (think of PodBean as an audio only version of YouTube). Publish the recording and submit your link to Google Classroom.

Profile and Header Image

In this part of the lesson, we’re going to use Photoshop to create original artwork for our PodBean accounts. We’ll download the image below:

In Photoshop we’re going to create each of the following:

  • 600 x 600 Profile Image
  • 1600 x 559 Header Image

How To

Watch the scene below to see, step-by-step, how to create your profile image:

Tie It All Together

Now embed one of your podcasts onto your Portfolio blog.