Lesson 1: Animoto

In this lesson we’re going to explore the web-based slideshow maker Animoto

Project Files

Download the file below to the H:Drive on your computer. Once you download it, you will need to right click > Extract All…


Now visit http://animoto.com and set up a free account. Use LastPass to save your username and password. Upload the images from above to a new slideshow and play around with the different settings to produce a 30 second production.
Share your link via the comments section of Google Classroom.


Make sure you meet each of the requirements below:

  • Title the presentation
  • Include at least one title slide
  • Include a minimum of 20 images in your presentation
  • Include an audio track
  • “Spotlight” at least 3 images

Once you complete the steps above, click the “Preview Video” button and then produce it. Post your first name and the link to you video in the padlet at the bottom of this page:

How To

Watch the tutorial video below to see an example of how to complete each step.