Lesson 1: Game Design/Dev Schools

In this lesson, you will conduct research on one of Princeton Review’s top Game Design and Development university programs.

College and Career Readiness

If you’ve ever considered a career in the gaming field, take a moment to examine the Game Design: College and Career Readiness guide below:


Create a Google Slides presentation and include the following:

  • Title Slide: Introduce your school
  • 1-2 Slides: about the school
    • Where is it located?
    • How many students?
    • What is the tuition?
  • 3-5 Slides: overview of the program (consider the following)
    • Courses of study/tracks
    • Notable alumni
    • Something unique to the program
    • Job placement
    • Size of university/size of school
    • Anything else of interest



Consult the rubric here for grading requirements:

Submit via Google Classroom.