Lesson 8: Instagram Post

In this project, you’re going to create “stylized” instagram posts using Photoshop AND http://pixlr.com/editor


Click the link below to obtain source images for this project.

Check out the @TitanStartup instagram feed to see similar projects.


Pixlr is a web-based digital graphics software. Consider it “Photoshop Light.” While it isn’t as feature rich as Photoshop, it is free, and highly capable.
If Chrome won’t load Pixlr because of Flash, copy the link below into the omnibar and add pixlr as an approved flash app:

  • chrome://settings/content/flash

Follow the tutorial below to create monochromatic gradient overly instagram post:


Choose from the following lines to include in your post (you may deviate from these so long as the message is still on point)

  • Win $200
  • Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Have a business idea?
  • Have a business idea? Submit a video entry to the Elevator Pitch Competition.
  • Record an elevator pitch for your chance to win $200
  • Earn $200 to get your business idea off the ground



Bonus Project

Use photoshop to replicate the “Stroke” effect below from a different image in the assets folder.
Hint: duplicate the layer, grayscale the bottom layer, mask out the individual, add a stroke “FX”