Lesson 5A: Masks

In this lesson, we’re going to enhance our use of layers by working with layer masks.

Jacket Project – Part 1

This project comes from Chapter 9 of our other textbook (textbook page 253/pdf page 275). Download the project files below to a new folder in this path: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > layers > jacket. Refer to the video for extra support.

Jacket Project – Part 2

Once you complete the steps in the video above, complete each of the following:

  • “Save As…” ps0901_part_2.psd
  • Change the color of the jacket. You may choose any color, but it needs to look realistic
  • Download a new pattern from anywhere online and replace the previous pattern with it. It must look realistic.
  • “Save as…” ps0901_part_2.jpg and upload it to Google Classroom.

Now You Try

Find an image online, change the color, and add a pattern. Pictures that feature clothes and cars work well, but you are free to choose any image that you want. See the image below for an example.


Refining the Mullet Mask

Copy the glorious images above, left click on the image to open it, then right click on it to “Save image as…” Save the image to your October folder.

Use your mask refining techniques as in the previous lesson to isolate the individual (and his mullet). Complete each of the following tasks:

  • Refine a mask to isolate the man and mullet
  • Create an 1080 x 1080 pixel canvas (72 pixels/inch)
  • Move the mullet image into the new canvas
  • Create a circle gradient behind the mullet to highlight it
  • Save as a PSD and submit it via Google Classroom

Circle Gradient Background

Project Files

This lesson comes from Chapter 6 of our course textbook. Download the project file below to a new folder in this path: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > masks.

Take a look at the finished image below:
Chapter 6 - Masks