Lesson 2: Photoshop

In this lesson, we’re going to brush up on several Photoshop skills to make sure we remember some of the basics.

Remember the Basics

Download the files below to a project folder and then set up two documents: One at 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall at a resolution of 300 PPI, and one at 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels at a resolution of 72 PPI.

 Skill Check: Part 1

Complete each of the following tasks using the assets above:

  • Document set up (size and resolution)
  • Masking (and refining masks)
  • Managing layers
  • Adding text (managing fonts)
  • Saving/exporting
  • Add an “Adjustment Layer”
  • Add layer FX

Now It’s Your Turn

Use Pixabay or Unsplash to replicate the skills demonstrated in the activity above. Submit your project to Google Classroom.

Skill Check: Part 2

Conduct a Google Image search to choose a celebrity photo to realistically add yourself to (like this designer from Los Angeles below that goes by the monicker @averagerob).

Use the Google Image Search Tools to select a “Large” image to be sure that it is of a suitable resolution for this project.

With a partner, take your picture to use in this project.

Edited images should be sized with a width of 1080px and a height of 1350px and a resolution of 72 PPI .