Lesson 2: MyFoley.com

In this lesson, we’ll set up the first two sections of our personal portfolios which will become the evidence of your body of work this year.


Visit the link below to access the account that has been set up in your name.

Full Width Header

Watch the video below to learn about the Full Width Header module. We’ll set ours up as a “full screen” full width header.

Two Column About

View the second section of this portfolio: http://myfoley.com/mmacfadden. You’re going to replicate this section on your own blog. As part of this step, you’re also going to take and edit a new headshot using the photography backdrop below.

Editing Camera Raw Files


In place of a final exam, your MyFoley portfolio will represent the culmination of your learning and output. View the requirements in the rubric below. Be sure you fully understand what is expected of you and how you will be graded.

Embed Your Presentation In MyFoley

Use the code below to embed your presentation in a “Text” module.
See the Pen ervzQx by Michael Macfadden (@mmacfadden) on CodePen.