Lesson 2: Motion Graphics

In this lesson, you’ll step into the waters of motion graphics by integrating keyframing techniques into your Photoshop project.


Keyframing involves entering in and out points along timelines that describes the beginning and ending positions and sizes of objects. The combined effects make your “images” come to life.
Watch the Peter McKinnon tutorial below, and then try to implement the effect in a photoshop file that is 1080px wide and 1350px tall, at a resolution of 72 (this is the maximum size and resolution of an instagram post) using the following image:


Press play below to view the 2.5 D (in between 2D and 3D) effect in the image. Once you successfully complete this project, submit it as an .MP4 to Google Classroom. Then, find an image and implement the same effect.
If you’re looking for a challenge, try to to add the rain effect using similar techniques with the image below from Eddie van W. (you will need to use the “Screen” blend mode”).