Lesson 1: Illustrator

In this lesson, we’re going to brush up on several Illustrator skills to make sure we remember some of the basics.

Bezier Game

Visit the link below and play the game until you pass the “Airplane Level.”

Skill Check: Part 1

Create a new document with the “Common” web profile and create a simple “name logo” using “expanded” text and a subtle gradient. Similar to the one below (font: Lilita One).

Skill Check: Part 2

Create a new document with the “Letter” print profile and then “Place…” the image linked below onto the artboard. Use the image trace feature to vectorize the PNG. Make sure to “ignore white” and “expand” the tracing. Open the new Illustrator file in Photoshop and then recolor the image with a single color on each layer.

Color It In

Download the asset below to apply a crayon texture to your colored in coloring page.

Now It’s Your Turn

Replicate the steps above with an image of your own choosing. Use Pixabay’s “Vector graphics” filter to find the right kind of image.

Skill Check: Part 3

Glenbrook South’s Water polo program has asked our class to design a new logo for the 2018 season. View the “Design Brief” below get to work.