Lesson 1: Finances

This lesson provides review, instruction and analysis to each team’s financial model.

Required Outcomes

  • Teams will update and optimize all their inputs to their financial model. This will include revenue assumptions and expense assumptions for the first year of launching their business. Teams will projects assumption growth rates for years 2-3.
  • Students will assess the outputs of the model determine the financial health of the business and build the story for why they are seeking investment.
  • Students will have an updated and realistic financial model to begin the valuation lesson.


Financial Model

Using our financial model, we have so far entered data in the Revenue Assumptions and COGS tabs. Using the information that you’ve gathered during MVP experimentation, update that data to better understand your “3 year Summary model” and “Simple Graphs” tabs.
See the example below.


If your group has pivoted, or you’d simply prefer to start your financial model over, click the link below to make a new copy of the financial model template.