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Lesson 2: Behance

Behance is a website used by creative professionals that allows you to showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios.

Set Up an Account

Visit the link below and create an account using your Glenbrook Google Account:

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In place of a final exam, your Behance portfolio will represent the culmination of your learning and output. View the requirements in the rubric below. Be sure you fully understand what is expected of you and how you will be graded.

Wacom Tablet

In this ques, you’ll explore how to use a wacom tablet in various graphics programs.


Exam the resources below to learn how to use a wacom drawing tablet in a manner that best suits your needs:


In this quest, you’ll change the “skybox” graphics in a 3D game environment. 


Skyboxes are a wrapper around your entire scene that shows what the world looks like beyond your geometry. Make your game stand apart by changing your skybox to something other than the Unity default option.


Product of Learning

Add the skybox asset to a game, or create an original skybox in Photoshop and then add it to a game.

Turnabout Poster

In this lesson, we’re going to design a fun beach themed turnabout poster for the girl’s letter club.

Design Brief

Click the link below to read the discovery brief for this project:


Download the file below to your Special Projects  folder:

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

In this project, we’re going to vectorize, rotate, and clean coloring pages that were drawn by the fine art students at GBS. We’ll then compile them into a shared presentation that we’ll save as a PDF.


Color In a Page

Download the asset below to apply a crayon texture to your colored in coloring page.

Coloring Book

Check Google Classroom for editing access to the file below: