Minimum Viable Product Pitch Deck

by | Dec 12, 2017

The Minimum Viable Product Pitch is an important milestone in every high school entrepreneurship curriculum. For most student teams, the MVP pitch represents the first time that they will share their vision with a scrutinizing audience. As an entrepreneurship instructor, there is so much that goes into helping your students through the MVP Design phase of instruction that it can be easy to overlook the presentation itself.

Kawasaki To The Rescue

Guy Kawasaki’s “The Only 10 Slides You Need In A Pitch” offers a great starting point for your students as they start cobbling their presentations together. I’ve adapted Guy’s presentation for my own class in the SlideShare above. You may notice that I’ve largely omitted financial information from the template. That’s because I’ve altered the sequence of instruction such that MVP Design and Experimentation comes before the Financial unit. The template focuses specifically on the things that we have talked about in class, and offers a starting point upon which the teams can build for future sharebacks and for the final funding pitch at the end of the year.


If you’d like to make a copy of the slide deck above and adapt it to the context of your own class, please click the link below:


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