I love podcasts. They’re like reading, but without all of the work.


Listening to podcasts like StartUp, The Fizzle Show, Serial, The Pitch, and The James Altucher Show has completely transformed the way I look at housework, exercise, and traffic. I don’t dread those things anymore. Instead, I look forward to them. When I’m faced with a stack of dishes, long jog, or gapers delay, I get the opportunity to catch up with amazingly talented interviewers, thought leaders, and creatives.

Derek Sivers

In a recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, another podcast I listen to avidly, I stumbled upon a quotable gem that really stuck with me. In the episode, interviewee Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby), stated the following:

“if you trust the source, you don’t need the argument”

This quote got me thinking about the people in my life whom I trust implicitly and how valuable that trust is to me. When my brother tells me to watch Making a Murderer on Netflix and when my wife tells me I can’t pull off olive green Chuck Taylor high tops, I know with certainty that I have some barefoot TV streaming ahead of me. I don’t need to press for details, because I trust them, and I trust that they’re right.

In school, critical thinking underlies almost every lesson we teach. It’s incredibly important. Some would go so far as to say the well being of society depends on it. I don’t disagree. I’m concerned, however, that the emphasis we place on critical thinking comes at the cost of teaching other virtuous characteristics – like trust, compassion, and patience.

It’s important to remember, as teachers, that our jobs exceed the objectives in our lessons and that we are more than teachers of critical thinking. Our job is to shape the student as a whole and equip them with the ability to “not need the argument.”


Have A Listen

For your convenience and listening pleasure, I’ve embedded the Tim Ferriss/Derek Sivers episode below. Enjoy.

That’s a Poster!

If Derek’s quote impacted you at all like it did me, read on:

Bulls announcer Stacey King is famous for saying likes to say “That’s a Poster!” when a player performs a highlight-reel-worthy athletic feet. While that tagline deserves a B- at best on the basketball court, it’s most applicable here.

Below, you’ll find the first of what I’m calling “the classroom posters that don’t completely suck series.” It’s designed to be printed on Tabloid sized paper (17” x 11″). Enjoy the free download, it’s my gift to you.

click to download

click to download

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