10/13 – Avatars and the Origins of the Internet

Avatars are generally found on profile pages and comments sections of websites. To set yourself apart from most users on the web, make sure your avatar says something about who you are.


An avatar is a picture that is either of you or represents a likeness of you. It’s not always the best idea to share real pictures of yourself online, so in this lesson, we’re going to explore a few avatar generators that can create “cartoonized” versions of yourself. These images can then act as your avatar for your Google and Twitter accounts among other web-based resources.

Check out each of the links below and select one service to generate a new avatar. You may have to use the snipping tool to save your final creation.


Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. Watch the video below to learn more about how Gravatar works.

Then, using LastPass to store your highly secure password, create your own Gravatar account using your @glenbrook225.org email address. Update the profile and make sure to include your newly created avatar from above. Visit Gravatar.com to set up your account.

Google_Classroom_LogoThe Origins of the Internet

The video below is part of a series called “Download: The True Story of the Internet.” The video examines a fascinating point in modern world history – the origins of the world wide web’s graphical user interface.

While you watch the video, answer the questions in the worksheet that I have shared with you via Google Classroom.


After you finish the video, in the comments section below, answer the following question:

Do you think Marc Andreesen’s statement about Microsoft becoming irrelevant in the future will eventually become true? Why or why not?
(If you’ve set up your Gravatar correctly, you should see your image next to your comment.)

23 thoughts on “10/13 – Avatars and the Origins of the Internet”

    1. I think that Marc Andreesen’s statement about Microsoft becoming irrelevant is wrong because today Microsoft is one on the known leading companies but not the best.Microsoft makes PC which people do by and are changing the world.Microsoft windows is now a big deal.

  1. I think it will eventually come true because new companies are always forming. At some point in time there will have to be a company or companies that dethrone the powerhouses of the industry. There are always new things to create and ways to make things better and that’s why i think Microsoft might eventually become irrelevant.

  2. The fact that Microsoft was so brutal in their tactics, and it ended up being their downfall is karma for their actions. I don’t really believe Microsoft is relevant as of now, google docs has taken over, soon apple will develop a computer better than my windows, and i’ll switch completely over. Microsoft no longer has any software than is better to use than something that Google has. The Windows computer is the only reason Microsoft is still here. Internet explorer has better options and more competition now with chrome, firefox, and safari. Microsoft isn’t the best option anymore

  3. Yes, because there are many different companies appearing. An example is that schools have stopped using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. It is possible that the beginning of a small company will become the most important company in the world.

  4. Yes, because their are many other internet browsers such as chrome that are beginning to become more popular and is more advanced in both speed and features then internet explorer. Computers today are not all running on Microsoft, but still successful. Apple and chrome books are just some examples. Eventually, companies may overpass Microsoft but as of now, microsoft remains king.

  5. I agree with that statement because I see Microsoft as an empire in the computer and internet business and eventually big empires become to crumble and collapse.

  6. No because Microsoft has gotten bigger and better than the past. Microsoft is making more money than other companies and is really powerful. Microsoft is making laptops, tablets, smartphones, Xbox, and Windows.

  7. One thing that was interesting that there was a company that could have overthrown Microsoft as a software king. Another interesting fact is that Jim Clark’s 5 millions investment turned into 2 billion dollars after the downfall of Netscape

  8. No I don’t think so because Microsoft’s industry is still growing from today , most people in the world use Microsoft’s products, and I personnel use Microsoft products in my everyday life such as like the Xbox Console, Windows, and ect. But in my opinions i can see Microsoft in the future because of all its consumers.

  9. Yes, I think that Marc Andreesen’s statement about Microsoft becoming irrelevant is true. I think this because in the future there will be new new companies coming out, and I don’t know who long Microsoft will be able to compete against these rising companies.

  10. In my opinion in all this, YES on Microsoft being irrelevant in the future. Its already made things more difficult for so many companies, even video game companies, (Just to let you know, those companies were slaughtered by them). Another thing that would make them irrelevant is internet explorer, its so primitive already!

  11. Yes. I agree because over the course of time people will be using technology all over the world, and different types of them to! Multiple companies will have to work to world to make the world much simpler and less confusing in the web world. Microsoft might eventually close down, due to the increase of different technology resources and systems not using them.

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