Lesson 6: Validating Ideas

The focus of this lesson is on validating business ideas quickly.

Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur and founder of AppSumo, in this creative live segment he walks an aspiring entrepreneur that is seeking to build a scary mobile app through a rapid validation process.


You’ve been hired by ThirtyThirtyCo.com to conduct some market research to select an amazing product to be added to their online catalog. They are depending on you to select a product that is a good market fit and is under $30.

First browse their site to see what sorts of products they offer, then find an amazing product on Amazon.com that you think would compliment their offerings.

Build a Form

Use Google Docs form builder to create a simple landing page. The page should collect Names and Email addresses and feature the product you are seeking to learn about.

Tiny URL

Visit the link below to create a nicer looking website address for your landing page. Try to fit the name of your company into the URL:

Check out an example at the following link:


Send your landing page/form to at least 20 friends and or family members to gain feedback. In your message write something like:

Dear Friends and Family,

A few classmates and I are conducting market research for a company called Thirty Thirty Co. They offer amazing gifts for guys for $30 or less. We are trying to find new products to add to their catalog of offerings.

Please visit our landing page and complete the form to help us determine if the product we’ve selected is a good market fit: http://tinyurl.com/cool-sleep.


Your Name Here