Lesson 5: Career Interview

For this lesson, you’re going to interview someone that you know who has a job that is intriguing to you.

unnamedMic Note

To get this lesson started, we’re going to need to install a Chrome App called Mic Note. Click the image to the right and then add it to your Chrome installation. This app actually looks a little bit like evernote but is designed for capturing audio recordings.


Choose a family member, neighbor, or family friend that has a job  you consider interesting. You will be creating an audio recording interview of this person with your Chromebook using the application above.

Your interview should include the following prompts and questions:

  • Introduce yourself and your interviewee
  • What do you do for a living?
  • How did you end up in this line of work (school, previous jobs, etc)?
  • How has your career evolved in ways that you didn’t expect it to?
  • What is the most challenging part of your job?
  • If you were to give one piece of advice to someone entering your field what would that be?
  • Ask at least one more question of your choosing.
  • Wrap up your interview


PodBean is a YouTube like service, but for audio. Create an account with your @glenbrook225.org email address and upload your career interview to your account. Then submit the direct link as an assignment to Google Classroom AND publish your link to:

Live Notes

As you listen to five different podcasts, take notes in a new Evernote under your Intro Business notebook. For each podcast, your notes should follow the format below.

  • Interviewer: Name
  • Interviewee: Name and Job
  • Summary: Write a summary of responses to the interview questions. You may use a bulleted list if you like.

After you listen to the podcasts, in your Evernote, answer the following reflection question.

  • What have you learned from these career interviews that will help you in your own career?

Click the SHARE button at the top of your note and submit it to Google Classroom.