Lesson 3: Profit Motive

In this lesson, we’ll examine the economic concept that suggest the purpose of business is to make money.

Greed with John Stossel

The segment below features billionaire Ted Turner as he talks to John Stossel about Forbes magazine’s annual richest people list. What is your opinion of his attitude towards greed? Are there positives and negatives?

Discussion Questions

Millennials in the Workforce

Millennials looking for work and where the jobs are located
via: Millennials looking for work and where the jobs are located [Infographic]

The Dragon’s Den

The Canadian Broadcasting Company features a show much like Shark Tank. Watch the clip below and consider how this company might feel about profit motive.

Ten Tree on Dragons’ Den from tentree on Vimeo.

A Double Bottom Line?

In recent years, a new form of business has emerged that measures its success not just by the profits it makes, but also by the positive impact it makes in the world.

Some of you may own a pair of shoes from the company that has arguably done the most to bring attention to this alternative view of business – TOMS. The video below features an interview TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie sharing the story of how and why he started a shoe company.

Google_Classroom_LogoCorporate Responsibility

Each company below strongly considers the “double bottom line.” Choose one company and conduct some research to identify how they make a profit and what social good they emphasize. Then, complete the “Double Bottom Line” assignment via Google Classroom.

  • Ethos Water
  • Patagonia
  • Seventh Generation
  • Krochet Kids
  • Method
  • Warby Parker
  • Nike
  • Autonomy Works