Lesson 1: Shark Tank

In this lesson we’ll get our creative juices flowing by conducting a Shark Tank simulation.

Start Up

Listen to episode 1 of the Start Up podcast. Here we’ll hear a more traditional approach to starting a business that involves raising money before getting started.

Backchannel Chat

While we listen to the following podcast, I’d like everyone to participate in a backchannel chat in a Q#/A# format. I’ll write Q1: what do you think about…?, then you’ll respond A1: your response will go here.

You will earn five points for this activity based on your participate and contribution to the class discussion. Participate via Tweet Deck.

69495Shark Tank

Use your creativity to come up with a pitch for a company that sells the product to the right. Keep in mind you don’t have to use it for its intended purpose (be creative). Your goal is to secure funding in exchange for a percentage of your company and therefore future profits.

Create a short pitch deck and follow the script below that I have shared with you via Google Classroom.

Watch the first minute and a half of the pitch below to get a sense of what this should look like.