Unit 4: Game Design

In this unit we’ll develop an understanding of game design principles including: genres, goals, mechanics, player motivation, structure, and gameplay. We’ll begin learning the process of building games in the Unity editor too.

Essential Questions

  • What impact does the game environment have on the user experience?
  • How might issues such as fairness and appropriateness of the challenge level impact gameplay?
  • How does the game development cycle impact the finished product?

Table of Contents

  • Lesson 1: Idea Generation
  • Lesson 2: Spring Ninja Clone
  • Lesson 3: Prototyping


  • Game concept
  • Back story – world and character construction
  • Game mechanics
  • Game Balance
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Rewards and motivation
  • Logical challenges
  • Resource management
  • Affordance
  • Prototyping
  • Iteration