Unit 3: Career Exploration

In this mini-unit, you’ll explore the career opportunities that exist in the gaming industry in the greater Chicagoland area.


Create an informational slide deck that addresses each of the requirements below:

  • Describe the landscape of the video game design/development industry in the city of your choice
    • This should be a broad overview describing the types of studios that reside here
    • Introduce any “big name” games and/or studios that are in that city
  • Research a smaller game design studio in your city
    • How big are they?
    • What are they best known for?
    • What career opportunities exist here?
  • Find a current job vacancy in the Video Game sector in your city
    • Describe the job responsibilities
    • What is the salary?
    • What added benefits or other interesting information can you find about this opportunity?


Use the links below as a starting point to learn about Game Design job vacancies in Chicago and conduct valid searches for other cities as needed:

Slide Deck Requirements

Your report can come in a variety of shapes and sizes (Prezi, Google Slides, PowToon, Canva, etc.), but should follow these guidelines:

  • Summarize your research, do NOT write block paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points or short sentences to express your findings.
  • Cite all of your source of information. The web site address is sufficient for your citation, do not worry about MLA formatting.
  • Include at least 5 visuals in your report (pictures, graphs, charts) to provide visual interest and support to your information.


Consult the rubric here for grading requirements:

Submit via Google Classroom. Google_Classroom_Logo