Unit 1: Introduction to Game Design

In this unit, we’ll provide an overview of game design and the game creation process. We’ll introduce game genres, elements of play, and project management as related to video game creation.

Table of Contents

Essential Questions

  • How are games created and who creates them?
  • What the similarities and differences between different genres of games?
  • What are the main components of the Unity 3D editor?
  • What are common game elements found in most games?
  • What are the elements of Game Play that make a satisfying game?


  • Challenge/objective
  • Components
  • Rules
  • Narrative formation
  • Sequences
  • Mechanics
  • Game Aesthetics
  • Multimedia inclusions
  • Assets
  • Hierarchy
  • Inspectors/properties
  • Parenting/Nesting
  • Views: Scene, Game Animation, Light Mapping, Occlusion Culling
  • Prefabs