Lesson 3: Game Play

In this lesson, we’ll introduce the Game Developer’s Journal–a tool we’ll use throughout this semester–and we’ll examine a classic puzzle video game through the lens of a game designer.

imagesGame Developers Journal – Evernote

In this class we’ll use the note taking application Evernote to keep a Game Developer’s Journal. If you’ve never used evernote before, watch the video below to see the application in action, then create an account using your @glenbrook225.org email address.

Also, if you don’t have it already, add the Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension to your Google account.


Play several levels of the classic puzzle game Tetris in the embedded window below. Then conduct an analysis of the game in your Game Developer’s Journal by creating a new note called: “Tetris Analysis” and describe each of the game elements (that we examined in our last class) as they relate to the game you just played.

Be prepared to share your findings in small groups AND as a whole class.