Hour of Code

On Tuesday we’ll be leading a session during the Hour of Code, but first we’re going to build the project in its entirety.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

code_anywhereHTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the backbone of the internet – you know that thing we use every day? Today, we’re going to learn how to code in those languages to build a responsive splash page which is sort of like what would happen if a business card and a webpage had a baby.

We’ll use a program called CodeAnywhere.com to make this page. Check out the slides below to see how to set up your “Container” for this project:

Finished Project


Download the .PDF below. We’ll write this HTML to make our page.


You may copy and paste the code below into your style.css page.


On Tuesday, we’ll use a slightly different tool that is easier to work with for first time coders. Check it out below.

Your classmates will write the HTML in the file below.