Shadow Bots

In this lesson, you’re going to shake off the rust and become reaquainted with Unity3d and the video game design pipeline.

2D Static Platformer

In the latest version of unity, you’re given the option to preload various 2D assets into your project when you first set up your game. In this project, we’re going to use those assets and a few custom scripts to create a unique 2D static platformer as in the game below:

Shadow Mots

Your goal is to make your game both challenging, fun, and different than your peers. Be creative, feel free to try new things, and use each other as resources.



Upon completion of this quest, you must answer the following questions in any of the following ways: as a video log entry (post to YouTube), as a blog post via, or as an essay via Google Docs (you may propose another response if you so choose).

  • What did you do (brief summary)?
  • What did you learn?
  • What was challenging?
  • What is the product of your learning (this can be an embedded screenshot or two, screencast (if doing video), or link to relevant content)?
  • What suggestions do you have for future students embarking on this challenge?