This section of the website includes links to tutorials from around the web that feature projects that will enhance the skills and abilities that you have developed throughout this term.

vectortutsObama Inspired Poster

Download the project file below and then click the link that follows to create a 2008 Obama “Hope” inspired poster.

After you complete the tutorial, design your own “Hope” styled poster with your own image. Or with the Tommy the Titan image below:

low-polyLow-Poly Portrait

Watch the video below to learn how to create a geometric “low-poly” portrait in Photoshop. Make sure you consider what size you want your finished project to be…


  • Use “Ctrl” instead of “Command”
  • Ctrl + ‘ (Control and the apostrophe key) to turn on Grid
  • Edit > Preferences to adjust the grid
    • Subdivisions = 1
  • Window > Action to create an action

brenoVisit the link below to learn another approach that uses Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (this one is probably more time consuming, but you end up with a vector image so it could be more useful depending on the application):