Lesson 7B: Design a Logo

In this lesson, you’re going to design a logo for a client (your client will be a partner from class).

Aaron Draplin

Design Brief

Before getting to work, it’s important to get to know your client so that your design efforts meet the expectations of you client. We’ll take three steps before we actually begin working in Illustrator:

  • Conduct a brief interview
  • Conduct research based on your interview
  • Sketch some ideas by hand

Use the worksheet below to help guide you along your way during this part of the project. You may download a PDF version of the document here: 01 – Design Brief.pdf

Logo Requirements

For this project, you will earn 5 points for completing each step in the design brief and 5 points based on the requirements below:

  • Your logo captures the spirit of your client
  • You’ve used vector shapes to design your logo (must be infinitely scalable)
  • You’ve used simple colors and color combinations
  • You’ve avoided cliches and imitation
  • You’ve avoided gimmicky fonts

Your project will be submitted via Google Classroom as an .AI file.

Weathered Effect

Once you complete your client logo, follow the tutorial at the link below. It’ll teach you how to add a weathered effect to a smart object (like the logo you just created).

Visit pixabay.com and search for an interesting background, like “wood grain” or “brick” and download it to H:Drive > Graphics 161 > Photoshop > Logo

Once you finish, submit your weathered logo as a PNG file to Google Classroom.

See an example below the link:


How To

Check out the video below to see an example of the weathered effect above.