Lesson 7: Vector Drawing

In this lesson we will differentiate between bitmap (also known as raster) images, and vector images.

Bitmap (raster) vs. Vector Images

Bitmap (also known as raster) images are composed of a grid of pixels. Each pixel is a certain color, and if you zoom in close enough, you can see each individual “dot.” Vectors are made up different anchors or nodes that are connected by lines and curves. As you zoom in, there is no loss in resolution.

Vector images are most frequently used for designing logos and type so that they may be scaled to virtually any size.

From Adobe Photoshop CS6: Classroom In A Book

Vector Drawing Project 1

This lesson comes from Chapter 8 of our class textbook. Download the files below into H:Drive > Graphics 161 > Vectors > Toy, then take a look at the finished project below.

Once you open 08Start.psd File > Save as… and name it 08Working.psd.

Finished Project 1

From Adobe Photoshop CS6: Classroom In A Book


 Vector Drawing Project 2

This lesson actually comes from Chapter 1 of our second textbook. It reviews much of what we have already learned, but again uses vector images with layers, textures, and masks to create a cool effect.

Download the files below into H:Drive > Graphics 161 > Vectors > Ski, then take a look at the finished project below the video.

Finished Project 2

From Adobe Photoshop CS6: Digital Classroom

“Super” Vector Drawing Project 3

Download each of the files below to: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > Vectors > Logos. Using vector shapes and the Pen Tool (in shape mode), reproduce each of the files below:

Watch the video below to see how to group the layers from each project into one PSD file.

Vector Drawing Project 4

In this project you are going to select a corporate logo that is comprised of vector shapes and text layers. You will reproduce the image as in the example below.

Callahan Auto Parts


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