Lesson 6 – Super Vectors

In this lesson, we’ll create some vector logos using shape tools, the pen tool, and the pathfinder options.

Google_Classroom_Logo“Super” Vector Drawing

Download each of the files below to: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > Illustrator > Vectors > Logos. Use the “Web” profile and duplicate the artboard twice.

Place the JPGs on each artboard, and lock them as layers. Then reproduce each of the logos as accurately as possible. Your goal is to reproduce each logo using as few objects as possible. Submit your .AI file to Google Classroom.

Part 2

Create a new Adobe Illustrator file and follow the same steps as above for part two of this project. Select the Transformers AND Superman logo OR the Wonder Woman logo. Recreate the raster image as a vector as accurately as possible, and then submit the finished product to Google Classroom.

Part 3

Like any great superhero franchise, this project is also a trilogy:

  • Select a partner (or two):
  • Complete the superpower quiz to find out your superpower: Superpower Quiz
  • Sketch a few logo ideas for yourself on the yellow sheet
  • Sketch a few logo ideas for your partner on the blue sheet
  • Design three iterations of both logos on 2 artboards (web profile) in Illustrator

Design Process