Lesson 5: Sketch

In this lesson, you’ll create a vectorized hand sketch of your favorite doodle.


On a blank sheet of paper, create a hand sketch of your favorite doodle. If you don’t have a favorite doodle, search a clipart animal on Google Images like the turkey below and then follow the directions in the bulleted list.


  • Draw your doodle with clear and concise lines (shading won’t work for this project)
  • Trace your sketch with black ink
  • Scan the image or take a photo of it with you mobile device
  • Open the file in Photoshop and clean it up with the eraser tool and Filter > Camera Raw
  • Copy it into Adobe Illustrator (web profile)
  • Image Trace (ignore white and Expand)
  • Move the image back into Photoshop to colorize it (you will have to rasterize the sketch)


Save as a PNG and upload to Google Classroom.

turkeyIn Progress Sample

See an example of a project that is in progress below: