Lesson 4A: Layers

In this lesson we’re going to be designing the original text message – the post card. This one comes to us from the sunny shores of Hawaii.

Project 1 Files

This project comes from Chapter 4 of our class textbook.

Download each of the project files below to a new folder at the following location: H:Drive > Graphics> Photoshop > Layers.

Finished Project 1

Use the textbook link above to to complete the project below. Then, submit your finished work to Google Classroom as a PSD file.



Create a collage style postcard from the destination of your choosing. Save your project files to the following location on your computer: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > layers > postcard. Include in the project the following.

  • Photorealistic elements
  • Background image
  • 5-10 additional images that relate to the destination
    • Use layer masks to isolate the images (no eraser tool)
  • Create a text object or graphic in Illustrator and place it into Photoshop
  • Use “FX” (stroke, drop shadow, etc.) to enhance your layers
  • Experiment with different layer blend modes

*Document should be 5 inches by 7 inches at a resolution of 300 DPI.

Visit the following link to view the PSD version of the sample postcard


Project 2 Files

This project comes from Chapter 8 of our other textbook (textbook page 235/pdf page 257). Download the project files below to a new folder in his path: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > layers > jump. Refer to the video for extra support.

Finished Project 2

Take a look at the image below to see what our finished project will look like.


Speed Composite

This project is about working with speed. Download the PSD file below to H:Drive > Graphics 161 > speed_composite.

Add a mask to the “tommy” layer to remove the white background, and then add a text layer using Myriad Pro, bold, 200 pt font with -150 tracking. Then add a drop shadow to the text with a 135 degree angle. Then Save As… with the name speed_composite_end.png, and email it to your partner as an attachment.

The finished project should look like the image below: