Lesson 3C: The Beach

In this lesson we’re going to have some fun with selections and layers. First complete the assignment from chapter three. Then attempt the challenge below.

Chapter 3: Assignment

For this project, we will reference Chapter 3: Working With Selections page 67-84 (PDF pages 2-18) out of “Adobe Photoshop CS6: Classroom in a Book.” To begin, download the project file below to H: Drive > 01 – Photoshop > 04 – Selections.

Remember to click to download button. DO NOT right click to”Save as…”

The finished project is available to view below.




The Great White Gull

Download the project files below, and use your selection skills to create the image below:



*original project files from:


Photoshop Challenge

Create your own cryptozoological creature and submit it to Google Classroom.