Lesson 3A: Selections

Selection tools are used to make changes to only parts of an image. They are frequently used in tandem with another tool or feature that alters only the selected area.

Project Files

Download the following files into your H:Drive > Graphics 161 > 04 – Selections folder.

Selection Tutorial Videos

Types of Selections

Geometric Selections
Geometric Selection Tools

Geometric selection tools let you select parts of an image using a “draggable” shape. Everything inside the shape becomes your selection.

Freehand Selection Tools
Freehand Selection Tools

Freehand selection tools let you trace selections in a free-form manner.

Color/Edge Selection Tools
Color/Edge Selection Tools

Edge-based and color-based selections tools let you make a selection by identifying the edge of an image or by identifying a common color.

For all of the projects below, save all of your work into a folder called selections_101 in your Graphics 161 folder.

Selection Challenge

Using the selection tools, isolate the people in the image below and change the background color.