Lesson 2C: Ethics in Photoshop

As digital graphic artists we’re equipped with a unique skill set that empowers us to do things that others cannot. With great power though, comes great responsibility.

Some Advanced Techniques

Digital Cameras have evolved to the point where they’re now capable of picking up details that the human eye misses – especially when you zoom in to 1600%! The video below demonstrates how to utilize some of Photoshop’s advanced tools to make corrections to the imperfections we can now see thanks to the marvels of modern technology :).

Save the project files below to the following path – H: Drive > Graphics 161 > advanced-photo-edits.

Click here to download project file 1
Click here to download project file 2

Save your working file as a Photoshop file and call it “blonde_model_01_working.”

Ethics in Photoshop

Watch the video below and consider what the negative effects of over-photoshopping an image can be.

“Regular Women” React to Photoshop

The video below demonstrates what happens when “regular women” are photoshopped to the same degree as professional models. After watching these videos respond to the discussion question in our Google Classroom.


*header image is from orangesparrow on flicker: https://flic.kr/p/9yMgp1