Lesson 2B: Enhancements

In this lesson, we’ll continue to learn how to make corrections and enhancements to images.

Basic Photo Corrections

Download the following files to H:Drive > Graphics 161 > 01 – Photoshop > 03 – Basic Corrections:


Using the course textbook, starting on page 5 of the PDF/page 48 of the textnook, complete the steps through page 9/52. Stop when you get to the sub-heading “Replacing Colors in an Image.” If you finish early, you may complete the “Replacing Colors in an Image” section too.

Photoshoot in the pit

In a group of four, decide who has the best camera (Chromebook, digital camera, or personal device), and snap some photos in the pit. Read the following article to get some tips on capturing your best shot: http://goo.gl/Gzm4ow. You must collect the following 3 types of images (take at least 5 of each for a minimum total of 15 pictures):

  • Portrait
  • Candid
  • Close up

Email the best of those images to yourself (or connect your device via USB) so you can save them to your project folder called “03 – Basic Corrections.”

Using the images that you captured on our mini-field trip, make basic photo corrections to enhance your images. Save the file as a .PSD AND Save As… a copy as a .JPG (BUT DO NOT OVERWRITE THE ORIGINALS).

Import your before and after pictures to the “Before and After” slide deck that has been shared with you via Google Classroom. I will compile various selections into a single slide deck below.

Bonus Project

If you finish everything else. Attempt the project at the following link: http://learn.mmacfadden.com/digital-graphic-design/welcome-future-titans.

You may not understand how or why each step works, but you certainly will by the end of the term. Give it a shot!