Lesson 2A: Basic Photo Corrections

In this unit, we will continue to learn about Photoshop’s work area and the tools that are available to us by making basic photo corrections and enhancements.

04_ward_macfadden_beginPhoto Restoration

The image to the right is a scanned photo of my grandfather, Ward Macfadden, who was a  Naval intelligence officer during World War II. As you can see from the image, the picture has suffered a fair amount of damage over the decades, and the scan picked up lots of dust.

Download the image file below to H:Drive > Graphics 161 > 01 – Photoshop > 03 – Basic Corrections.

We will use the Rubber Stamp tool, Spot Heal tool, and Patch tool with “content aware” settings to restore this image to be as good as new.

Restoration Challenge

Once you finish the assignment above, select one of the images below to restore as well. These images also come from my grandfather’s collection.

Once you finish restoring one more image, “Save As…” as a .JPG and submit it to Google Classroom


Restoration – Part 2

Download three of the project files below (select at least one of the color images). Restore them using the rubber stamp, heal, spot heal, and patch tools.

Once you finish restoring two more images, “Save As…” as a .JPG and insert the before and after pictures into the slide presentation that has been shared with you via Google Classroom.

Photo Restoration

Selective Coloring

Download one of the three following images, or find an historic black and white image of your own choosing, and use selective coloring techniques to, as realistically as possible, colorize the image.