Lesson 1A: First Project

We are going to dive in headfirst and complete an assignment that is actually pretty challenging. You might not know what is going on the entire time, but that is ok. Follow the directions below, and you might surprise yourself at how well this first project turns out.

Textbook Handout/Class Assignment

For this assignment, open the latest worksheet in Google Classroom. You will need to access one of our class textbooks to complete this assignment. The textbook is only available when you are logged into your district Google Account. If the link below doesn’t work, login when prompted.

First Project

Click on the link below and then download the file to the following location: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > 01 – Photoshop > 01 – First Week

In photoshop, select File > Open and browse to your newly saved image. Then come back here, and watch the video below. Once you’re done with the video try to repeat the steps yourself back in photoshop. You may have to watch the video more than once, and it might help to resize your screen to show both the video and your work space.



Select an image of your own choosing, and try to repeat the effect that we produced above. Below, I have listed two databases of images that are free to used as they are protected under a creative commons, or similar, license.

*Derrick Rose image from Keith Allison: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27003603@N00/5487275163