Lesson 10: Low Poly Portrait

In this lesson, we’re going to create a portrait using nothing but triangles.

Getting Started

Download the file below, and then check that your “Guides and Grid” settings match the image below. Go to: Edit > Preferences > Guides and Grid. Then select View > Snap to Grid. Finally, press Ctrl + ‘ to turn your grid on.



Search for an image that you would like to create a Low Poly portrait of. I HIGHLY suggest choosing an image in which the subject is wearing sunglasses as eyes tend to be too detailed for this project. Crop that image to 3:4 (width:height) in photoshop, and then place it on your Illustrator artboard (Scale to fit).

Under the Layers panel, lock the photo so as not to inadvertently move it.

Transform Setting

Make sure that Align New Objects to Pixel Grid is unchecked in the fly down of the “Transform” panel as in the image to the right.pixelgrid


Watch the tutorial video below to create a Low Poly portrait.


Take a look below to see a finished example.