Final Project: Designing Product Packaging

This project is largely influenced by Ms. Christine Memler’s Product Packaging Final Project.

Product Packaging

One aspect of graphic design includes the creation of product packaging. From the materials to be used, to the size, shape, and color combinations, businesses invest an incredible amount of time and money in the marketing of products. Is the package functional? Does the package attract your attention? Who is the audience? Graphic designers must consider many variables before a final design is selected and produced.

Final Project Requirements

Of the 12 products available, select one that will present an appropriate level of challenge for you. Your job is to recreate the front of the packaging as closely to the original as possible.

Steps To Success

  1. Save all of your files into a new folder: H:Drive > Graphics 161 > 03 – Final Project 
  2. With a personal device, take several pictures of your product to keep as a reference (use your Chromebook camera if needed)
  3. Measure the dimensions of the front of the package.
  4. Using your exact height and width measurements, create a new Photoshop canvans. Use the RGB color mode and a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (rather than the default of 72 pixels per inch), since we will be printing these when we are finished.
  5. Set up the View>Rulers. This will allow you to create guidelines for precise measurements and aligning the elements of your package.
  6. Set the background color of your packaging. This should be in the bottom layer and can be hidden (and/or locked) at any time.
  7. Using Photoshop’s tool palette, menu options and windows, recreate the package as accurately as possible. Match the typography, size, colors, graphics, and any other details possible.  If there are any photographs on your project, these may be scanned or photographed and added as a separate layer.
  8. For all text, search for the closest matching “Font Family” in Photoshop, then delete/add/modify the anchors and handles as necessary.You may need to design your own text as a custom chape for the packaging.
  9. Submit your final PSD file via Google Classroom. The layers must be distinguishable. DO NOT MERGE LAYERS!

Grading Criteria

Your final project will be graded according to the rubric below:

Useful Resources

You may find the resources below useful as you complete your final project:

Example Notes