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Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Visit the following link to create a blank CodePen (a web design sandbox environment for testing HTML and CSS)

Step 1A: HTML

Add the code below to the panel the reads HTML:

Step 1B: CSS

Add the code below to the panel that reads CSS:

Step 2A: HTML

Add the code below to your HTML between the “wrapper” tags:

Step 2B: CSS

Add the code below to your CSS after your “.wrapper” class:

Code Test 555

This is a test…


Lesson 5: Legal

The truth is, we live in a highly litigious society. How you establish the legal structure of your business will determine how much risk you expose yourself to.

Sole Proprietorship

Limited Liability Corporation

Which one is right for me?

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to seek professional legal counsel to set up the legal structure of your business, but to give you some food for thought, take a look at the video below:

Getting Started in Illinois

Lesson 4: Ideas

James Altucher is am author, blogger, podcaster, investor, entrepreneur, and idea machine.

The Currency of the Future

IDEAS ARE  THE CURRENCY OF LIFE. Not money. Money gets depleted until you go broke.  But good ideas buy you good experiences, buy you better ideas, buy you  better experiences, buy you more time, save your life. Financial wealth  is a side effect of the “runner’s high” of your idea muscle.”