Welcome and Overview

Curriculum Overview

This curriculum was developed from a variety of sources including college courses/professors from the following schools: Miami of Ohio, DePaul and Stanford.  What we did is make the curriculum applicable to high school students. As a class, we cover a combination of business fundamentals (marketing, sales, accounting, web design) and lean methodologies.

This allows students to dig deeper on their own into subjects that interest them. The benefit here is students can get introduced to a variety of business topics to help them decide on a career. Below are the modules for both semesters that will be presented:

Search and Discovery – Semester 1



Validation – Semester 2


There are times where adjustments have to be made based on snow days, mandated testing, etc. that may affect the above schedules.

The Teaching Team


Coaches provide authentic business expertise in a specific area. They come into the classroom for a short period of time (1-3 days) to provide all students with a real-world context for a specific curricular area. The coach operates in a co-teaching approach where the coach and classroom teacher plan and present together. The lessons in orange are planned to be coach taught.

Mentoring Role:

Mentors are assigned to each team and will follow them through the entire process providing them with feedback and encouragement. While there are some days when the mentors will be present in class, most of this communication will occur outside of school time perhaps through email or phone calls. Consider these your trusted and respected guides.

Reference Material

You will be learning the practices of successful entrepreneurs. The tools, and principles you will learn and use are grounded in the Lean Startup movement. This movement is changing the way new products are built and how companies are bringing new products to market.

All reading and reference materials will be provided to you digitally and can be referenced.

Welcome_Reference_Books Running Lean by Ash Maurya is great supplemental reading.

The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries and Business Model Generation by Osterwalder and Pigneur also provide foundational understanding of this movement.