Unit 8: Pitch Your Story

Students will journey to the completion of their year long entrepreneurship experience. The year will culminate with teams pitching their business story to investors. This will be the classroom version of “Shark Tank.” The content of this unit is heavily focused on developing the financial story that supports whether a business idea and team should be awarded funding to continue and pursue their idea. Students will use analysis of their financial model to determine if their business model is repeatable, scalable and worth funding.

Schools will choose whether the student pitch is an academic activity only or a pitch for real funding dollars. Regardless of the path, all students will learn the process of developing a pitch to investors which includes: clearly presenting their product solution, the problem they are solving, the evidence they have gathered during this course to support further pursuit, and the financial viability of their model.

Enduring Understandings

  • Successful entrepreneurs are able to persuasively articulate their business idea to investors.
  • Starting a business requires money.
  • Starting a business requires a team that works together.
  • There are a variety of options for entrepreneurs to consider when looking for funds (money) to start their business.

Essential Questions

  • What sources of funding should I consider to start my business and what are the expectations required of me to access these different resources?
  • How can I work effectively with my team to promote our product or service to investors?
  • How can I utilize effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills when presenting to investors?

Expected Outcomes by end of Unit

  • Teams will update and optimize all their inputs to their financial model. Students will assess the outputs of the model determine the financial health of the business and build the story for why they are seeking investment.
  • Students will put their business story together. That is, summarize their business concept and their learning from their MVP experience, and the financials. Students will develop a funding request, practice presentations skills and present their business idea with a recommended investment request.

Key Terms

  • COGS
  • SG&A
  • Net profit
  • Operating profit
  • Gross profit
  • Valuation
  • Capital
  • Liquidity Cushion
  • Bootstrapping
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Friends and Family
  • Angel Investment
  • Venture Capital