Lesson 4: Solution Interview

The focus of this lesson is to learn how to develop a demo that represents a reasonable “stand in” for the real product or service that is the basis for a business idea.

Required Outcomes

  • Students will build a demo of their product or service that can be demonstrated in an interview with target customers.
  • Students will create an interview questionnaire to go along with their demo.
  • Students will conduct multiple interviews, minimum of 10.
  • Students will gather and analyze data.
  • Students will validate or change assumptions to their BMC based on this learning.

Solution Interview

Solution Interview Script

As you conduct your solution interviews, consider the graphic organizer below as you gather information from prospective customers:



In your temporary group, create a product/solution demo for the startup company featured in the article below:

You may not use any of the images from the article. Use this exercise as an opportunity to explore one of the Tools from the list below. We will present these in class to explore the different approaches you might take to creating a solution demo for your business.